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CADAM Drafting is the software for designing, modeling, analyzing and evaluating concrete weights. This program analyzes and evaluates the very high proportion of hydrostatic loads and vibrations at various frequencies. In this program, different modes of damping can be modeled in different ways. Damming modeling in different conditions to study various impacts such as dam design geometry, stresses, etc. Using CADAM Drafting, it is easy to test the strength of materials used in building a dam.

The advantage of using this software is the possibility of comparing different modeling methods. For example, by modifying the parameters of a model and then comparing the result of the evaluation with other modeling methods, one can select optimal states for the intended purpose. This software is a continuation of the CADCAM software, which has about 30 years of experience in various branches of the industry. This product now has various applications in the automotive, aerospace, medical, and etc. industries, but, as the description was earlier, the program has a special application in the analysis and evaluation of concrete dams, and the engineers of this branch will benefit most from the program.

Solutions offered by Dassault Company have been used by 130,000 customers from 80 countries and are still being added to this number. The company, enjoying its work experience and its specialized team since the beginning of 1981, has been active on various 3D products, and is presented with the life cycle of a product from the early stages of conceptual design and design to the design, maintenance and Has completely transformed the recycling processes.

System Requirements For DS CADAM Drafting 2018

Before you start DS CADAM Drafting 2018 free download, make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

Disk drive: An internal or external disk drive (required minimum size of 4 GB) is required to store program executables, program data, user environment, and provide paging space. Installation of all CATIA V5 products requires 2.0 GB for Windows, 2.4 GB for AIX, and 2.7 GB for HP-UX.

Memory: 256 MB of RAM is the minimum recommended for all applications. 512 MB of RAM is recommended.

Internal / external drives: A CD-ROM drive is required for software installation and for access to the online documentation, which can optionally be downloaded to a disk.

Display: A graphics color display compatible with the selected platform-specific graphics adapter. The minimum recommended size for usability reasons is 17 inches. Minimum resolution for Windows workstations is 1024 x 768.

Keyboard: A specific keyboard compatible with the selected installation locale may be required for national language support.

Pointing device: Three-button mouse. On Windows workstations, a two-button mouse can be alternatively used (the third button is emulated with a keyboard sequence). The three-button mouse is recommended for usability reasons. IntelliMouse (two buttons plus a wheel instead of the third button) is an alternative to the three-button mouse on Windows workstations. The wheel acts as the middle button to allow additional manipulations, such as panning and scrolling .


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